Monday, October 04, 2004

The First Musing...

Dear Bloggers,

I have always love poetry and enjoyed writing them even more. Alas, it has been 15 long years since my last poem. Time flew and it seems now my destiny thread has led me back to something that I really enjoy in my girl-chasing, crazy teenage days...

While coding on several scripts that will eventually make up a membership management system, a kinda of devaju feelings overwhelmed me as the radio played a song that brought those almost forgotten memories rushing back. Then one by one, I saw several words vision in my mind as I ink them down... As clearly as yesterday's sun..

The First Musing...

Almost forgotten, fading memories
Came rushing back at the beacon of a song.
As subtle as the weakest ripple of a water drop
building momentum with every rhythm
gaining strength with every beat.

Suprising resilience such awakening brings
An overwhelming sense of nostalgia
And sadness and happiness and longingness
Oft ignore for the longest time
Suddenly liberated at full strength
Just for once... for a song...


azura said...

nice one.

Anonymous said...

Aku, kami, dia dan saya adlah berbeze tapi bersama.

Azlan said...


But be careful when treading on a very narrow line..