Saturday, April 30, 2005

Seeking higher Truths...

I was pondering over this one verse from the holy Quran (S34, Ayat 46) with the translation and commentary by Abdullah Yusuf Ali, that would be refreshing for some.

Say: "I do admonish you
On one point: that ye
Do stand up before Allah,-
(It may be) in pairs, (*1)
Or (it may be) singly,-
And reflect (within yourselves):
Your Companion is not
Possessed: he is no less
Than a Warner to you,

In face of a terribe

--- Commentary by Yusuf Ali
(*1) : A crowd mentality is not the best for the perception of the final spiritual truths. For these, it is necessary that each soul should commune within itself with earnest sincerity as before Allah: if it requires a Teacher, let it seek out one, or it may be that it wants the strengthening of inner convictions that dawn on it, by support of a sympathiser or friend. But careful and heart-felt reflection is necessary to appraise the higher Truths.

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