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Make your Intentions for Allah's Sake

Make your Intentions for Allah's Sake
Shaikh Muhammad Nazim Adil al-Haqqani (Naqshbandi-Haqqani Sufi Order)
Sohbat, Tashkent, 4/14/2001

May Allah grant us His Blessings here and hereafter, [amin].

May Allah forgive our sins and change our bad characteristics into good characteristics and take away our sins and instead of our sins change them into good deeds. We hope as we have been gathered here through this life, we hope that we shall meet on the Day of Resurrection under the Holy Flag of Rasulullah (s), liwa'il hamd.

Keep your way. If your heart is in satisfaction, if you can find contentment through yourself that means you are on the right path. If all people say to you, "You are on the wrong way," but your heart is saying to you, "You are on the right way," keep what your heart is saying and try to continue on that way. If your heart is in contentment that contentment will take away doubts and hesitation from you. Real faith prevents something of hesitation or doubt to enter the heart.

If you reached the point that you never feel doubt and hesitation through your heart that means you are on the right steps to Allah.

Also you may look after your intention. Because intention it is like the wheel of the car, giving direction to people. If not this wheel on the car, can you use that car? What are you calling this wheel? [steering wheel] hearing? Hearing? You understand what I mean to say?!

If you lost it that car is useless. It is dangerous! You can't use it. You can't reach anywhere. Therefore intention is the most important factor for our actions. And Allah Almighty is looking... more than to your actions, to what is your intention when you are doing something.

A person may do something either for his ego's pleasure or for his Lord's pleasure. There is not a third factor. No! You may act either for Your Lord's pleasure - trying to make your Lord pleased with you; or you are trying to make your ego pleased with you. There is no third factor, no. Either right or left.
You are always in a crossway. You must choose one of two ways: one taking you to the Pleasure of Allah Almighty; and the second taking you to your ego's pleasure, as well as to shaytan's pleasure. Through every action therefore, intention is an obligation for everyone seeking to do something.

When you are going to pray you must say, "I am praying for the pleasure of my Lord as He ordered me. To be His obedient servant." When you are making wudu` you must say or you must intend, "I am washing, I am making ablution for my Lord's pleasure. I am trying to follow His Holy commands as I am a sincere servant for Him."

And [for] everything in such a way you must make an intention. If your intention is correct, Allah Almighty may forgive if there is anything wrong in your acting, He may say, "Doesn't matter, because My servant's intention was to make Me pleased and he was intending to keep My Order."

That gives honor to you, that you are intending to keep His Divine Order. To keep Heavenly Orders. That is important. You must intend for everything you do, because of His Holy Commands. We are sitting here for His Holy Commands. Say to yourself, "I intend this because He is pleased for us to come to jama`at, to pray in jama`at, as well as to hear something from heavenly teachings that are correcting my actions to be good efforts and actions to be suitable or acceptable towards His Divinely Presence."

It is enough. It must be clear for everyone. Not for anyone else's, only for His Pleasure. And the Prophet's (s) pleasure - when you are keeping his (s) sunnah, you are making him (s) pleased, and his (s) pleasure is from His Lord's pleasure.
And also awliya's orders or advice, when you are going to keep their orders and advice that makes awliya happy with you, and it is also for the pleasure of Rasulullah (s), and that is the pleasure of Allah Almighty.

May Allah forgive us.

We were together with you since 12 or 13 or 14 days, about two weeks. And I was addressing our hosts, the Uzbek people, trying to speak to them to give them something of the reality of Sufi orders. Because this place is the most important place for Sufi orders and the most distinguished Naqshbandi Order grew up through this holy land. I was busy with them, because up to today I was only here a short time with them and according to our Grandshaykhs
[Khawajagan Grandshaykhs buried in Uzbekistan] I was speaking to them, and my speech was giving something to their empty hearts - planting through their empty hearts something of Divine Love, something of the Prophet's love - that is the Lord's love, heavenly love. I was occupied for that purpose. Now I found a short time with you [to speak in English] in just the several times you have been with me, though you heard so many times association from me where I am only a translator for the transmission coming from our grandshaykhs.

I only found this short time for addressing you and it is a summary to you [from what I was speaking to our Uzbek hosts]. As long as you can hold to it, you are never going to fail, here or hereafter. Because it is a summary of all holy books.

May Allah forgive me and bless you. Allah Allah...

His Sovereignty is through His Eternity. Try to be His honored servants, not dishonored ones. Try to be only for Him, an honored servant. that is your most high reward, your most high honor.

Bi-hurmatil habib, allahuma zid habibika `izzan wa sharafan wa nuran wa sururan wa ridwanan wa sultanan bi-hurmatil habib, bi-hurmatil fatiha.

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