Thursday, January 05, 2006

Blindness in the way of the wilaya

Extracted from Al-Hikam Al-'ata'iyya : The Book of Wisdom by Sheykh Nuh Ha Min Keller

Desire means change,

1) first by takhliya or "ridding oneself " of the acts, motives, and states unacceptable to Allah; then
2) tahliya or "adorning oneself " with good traits such as sincerity (ikhlas), trust (tawakkul), remembrance of Allah,
and finally
3) ma`rifa or knowledge of the Divine with which Allah remembers the person of dhikr who perseveres in these.

To rely on one's own efforts to bring about what Allah has already decided is "your striving for what is ensured to you," while not to change oneself is the "neglect of what is sought from you."

Both are blindness in the way of wilaya.

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