Friday, January 13, 2006

Power and Recognition

Power and recognition are conditions conducive to worldliness.

The ego will never neglect such an opportunity to demand its share of the excitement and admiration, and by so doing taint the whole process of spiritual endeavor.

So beware . . .


su re said...

hello azlan! ha u dont have a tag! tsk so how can i leave my msg? ok thats my belief right? :)

Azlan said...

Hi Su Re..

Thanks for dropping by. :D
Sure you can always get me on MSN or yahoo.


michelbencon7778 said...

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Edward Ott said...


Ahmed said...

Jazakallah for the comment on my blog.
I came accross smailing hajj group from Singapore during my stay at Makkah. Mashallah, they were a very kind and helpful bunch of Muslims.
Thats one of the amazing things about Hajj, you get to see and meet fellow Muslims from all accross the globe!
Is there a presence of Singapore Muslim sites online?